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Pentingnya Pakaian dalam Bidang Nyanyian

Pakaian dan Bidang Nyanyian memang tidak buli lari lah kan.. sebagai penghibur,penonton atau yang menonton bukan saja dorang tingu suara atau dengar suara,penampilan juga akan memeri kesan kepada penerimaan dorang (audience). So,surang ada tanya beberapa artis tempatan sabah kita mengenai kepentingan dalam mengenakan pakaian dalam sesuautu persembahan. Read more

Get Those Killer Eyebrows: By Shaping, Not Cleaning Them Up

In today’s world, our physical appearance plays a major role in taking us to different levels of success in different areas of communication. Women especially lay a lot of stress in their looks which boosts their confidence. A woman’s facial features help her depict her natural beauty. A proper makeup enhances the natural beauty and brings it to the forefront. Read more

Body-Care Tips for Men

Everybody prefers to be beautiful. No matter what your gender is, if you want to be accepted by other people you must take care not only of your inside but of your body as well. Men should take care of their body just as carefully as women do, if they do want to look great. No matter how beautiful you naturally are, you must take care of your body, because beautiful body is the only thing that will make you really attractive. Read more

Sexy clothes at work – Pros and Cons

What should you wear at work? Even if there’s no dress code or it says you can wear casual style, it’s still a big question what you can wear and what you should avoid. Even though these days we propagate free mind and the right to be individual, you know there are certain limits in office clothing that you shouldn’t cross. If you represent a serious company, your clothing should be appropriate. What about sexual dress at work? If you want to express your femininity (or manliness of course) in your style, should you stop or should you go? Read more

Why is the Little Black Dress So Enduring?

No woman’s wardrobe is complete without a little black dress. There is a black dress style that fits all body types and ages and is wearable for most occasions. The little black dress is so enduring because of its ability to look great on everyone at a variety of social functions. The little black dress is a symbol of chic and sophisticated simplicity. Read more

Hair on Mens’ Body

A majority of women loathe the sight of an excessively hairy man. They may usually pass him off as some bristly creature. Although, there are a good deal of women who like it that way but ‘only to a tolerable point’, they add hastily. Too much hair is always a ‘put-off’. There could be other reasons besides hygiene. Athletes, sportspersons and models keep themselves free of superfluous hair for aerodynamic and aesthetic reasons. Read more

What Your Underwear Tells About You

Polka-dotted lingerie near your cleavage or silky g-string lace on your waist may disclose you more than you might think. Underwear type, color and fabric can talk much about personality as different people choose different undergarment. Have you ever wondered what type of wearer you are? Or maybe you want to guess your date’s temper? Read more